Custom Dashboard Themes Coming to Xbox One

Future updates will introduce option to visually renovate the console operating system.

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Monthly scheduled updates to Xbox One will soon add custom themes, backgrounds and wallpapers to the system's dashboard, the head of Xbox Phil Spencer has said.

"I was told themes and background pics are something that we are working on and screenshots, you know people beat me up on screenshots," Spencer said on a recent Inner Circle podcast.

He added: "The team has done a great job with the monthly updates, some of the things are just a prioritisation and are a time in development. But I know that people like to customize the look of their dash."

No firm date or timeline was given on the addition of theme support for Xbox One, though Spencer pledged that they would arrive eventually.

"I think both themes, backgrounds and screenshots are things I know people want so we are going to deliver on them. But we can’t give a when yet."

Further to this, a spokesperson for Microsoft told IGN that theme support will be introduced in future monthly updates.

"We’ve been carefully listening to your feedback and look forward to delivering many of those features and more as part of our regular Xbox One system updates," reads a statement form the company.

"We look forward to sharing more details in the future."

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