Curiosity prize and winner revealed

Winner of 22Cans experimental game revealed to be 18-year-old Bryan Henderson; reward includes ability to become digital God in upcoming 22Cans game.


Curiosity - what's inside the cube

Curiosity has finally been cracked. The final piece was chipped away by 18-year-old Bryan Henderson, game designer Peter Molyneux announced via Twitter.

Peter Molyneux founded 22Cans in 2012.
Peter Molyneux founded 22Cans in 2012.

The game is the first of a series of social gaming experiments from Peter Molyneux. Henderson, who hails from Edinburgh, Scotland, had signed up to Curiosity an hour before it ended.

After tapping the final piece away, Henderson was sent a pre-recorded video that described his prize for uncovering the secret contents of Curiosity: the ability to be a digital god in upcoming 22Cans game Godus, and an undisclosed portion of the money users spend on the game. Creator Peter Molyneux previously described the cube's contents as "life changing".

In an interview with Polygon, Henderson discussed the decision to make the news surrounding his prize public: "I didn't even think about keeping it for a secret. I guess I just didn't want everyone to be disappointed."

Players have been chiselling away at the surface of the virtual cube in Curiosity since its launch on iOS and Android in November last year. As the game neared completion, Molyneux teased its involvement with Microsoft's next Xbox console.

In an in-depth interview with GameSpot, he reflected that the success Curiosity had garnered was "completely unexpected".

"I never thought in a million years that it would be downloaded 5 million times," said Molyneux. "Political debates have raged on the surface of the cube, with people drawing the twin towers and other people drawing planes crashing into the twin towers, and other people writing 'God Save America'. All of that stuff is completely unexpected. This was supposed to be an experiment that maybe would interest a handful of thousands of people, not millions of people."

It was not specified what Bryan Henderson would be able to control as a deity in Godus, although the pre-recorded video stated that he will "have the power to introduce morals into a game".

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