Cuphead's Creators Reveal Their Fighting Game Influences

An homage to one of their old favorites.


Cuphead may draw its inspiration from arcade classics and 1930s cartoons, but the Xbox One and PC game's developers say the game was influenced by another, more surprising source. Old fighting games played a role in Cuphead's development.

In the video above, Cuphead's developers, brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, revealed to GameSpot how they wanted to bring back the feeling of old fighting games. This was especially the case in Cuphead's frog boss stage, where crowds of spectators in the background cheer you on while big bad guys Ribby and Croaks execute moves that may look familiar to fans of Street Fighter 2.

Chad and Jared said that, while they didn't want to include direct references to the game, they still wanted to sneak in homages to the old games and animation however they could.

Since it was released last month, Cuphead has sold more than a million copies and been celebrated for its unique animation style, varied boss battles, and delightful soundtrack. In GameSpot's review, Peter Brown called it a "delightfully punishing challenge" and "a rare, unique game that truly stands out." Read the Cuphead review and, if you're playing the game and trying desperately to stay alive, check out our guide to not dying in Cuphead.

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