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Cuphead - The Nearly Complete S-Rank Expert Boss Guide

Expert mode, no damage, no mercy

In case you haven't heard, Cuphead is a very difficult game. From dodging numerous projectiles to making challenging jumps, this throwback run-n-gun shooter puts players through its paces when guiding the titular character through the many challenges that come his way. Despite the overwhelming obstacles--and the ensuing frustration--Cuphead is a game that greatly rewards patience and perseverance. And when you're finally able to clear through a tough boss after dozens of tries, you'll get a feeling of satisfaction that not many games will be able to match.

We at GameSpot have spent many hours with the game, and we're ready to share the fruits of labor. With each of the bosses having their own unique strategies and quirks, simply getting through them on the normal setting can be difficult enough. But we've gone the extra mile and cleared through the entire game on the Expert mode with no damage sustained during each battle. Check back with us for updates on this guide, along with a complete no-damage run of the final boss.

World 1

World 2

World 3

For more info on Cuphead, such as our tips guide on how not to die, be sure to keep an eye out for more content on our homepage.

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