Cultures 2 demo available

JoWood Entertainment releases a playable demo of its upcoming real-time strategy game sequel.


JoWood Entertainment has released a playable demo of Cultures 2, its upcoming sequel to the real-time strategy game Cultures, which was released last fall. The demo lets players get the feel of the game by playing through two levels from the full version.

Like its predecessor, Cultures 2 lets players control a group of Vikings during the Middle Ages. The game's hero, Bjarni, must undertake a mysterious quest that leads him from Greenland through Europe and into the Middle East. The game will include a new military system, upgradeable weapons and armor, extendable buildings, additional diplomatic options, and other improvements.

Cultures 2 is in development at Funatics Development, the studio that created the previous game. For more information about Cultures 2, visit the game's official Web site and download the playable demo linked below.

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