Cult PC Sim Kerbal Space Program Set For Xbox One Release

Now Xbox One owners will be able to experience the heartbreak of losing a Kerbal too.


Kerbal Space Program, a popular PC game in which players create and manage their own mission to leave the planet, has been announced for Xbox One.

The announcement was made by way of a teaser video, which you can watch below, but no further details were provided. The core appeal of Kerbal Space Program involves building rockets and launching them from a space pad. Although this may sound easy, it takes a great deal of trial-and-error.

Once the game's green humanoids have been loaded onto your ship, blasted off into space and successfully landed on a planet, they must be put to work on completing a mission. Again, this is easier said than done thanks to variables such as fuel, electricity, and structural integrity issues, among others.

In GameSpot's Kerbal Space Program review we awarded it a 9/10, praising it for its realistic physics, stiff but gratifying difficulty curve, and the many challenging ways to play it provides.

"You will fail at this game. It will demoralize you and it will stress you out, but, more often than not, it will soothe, quiet, and inspire you," our reviewer said. "Innovative muscles will be stretched here that aren't stretched very often by games, and more complex moments require a sort of zen beyond being simply twitch-ready for a surprise attack."

It concluded: "Kerbal Space Program has an almost sacred respect for the tiny miracles involved in space travel, and even at its most difficult, it deserves that respect in return."

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