Cult Of The Lamb Followers Wanting To Eat Poop Is (Unfortunately) Scientifically Accurate

There's a reason why some animals have breath that smells like crap.


Cult of the Lamb tasks you with establishing a sect of devoted followers, and before you can start breaking down their will with hallucinogenic mushrooms and ritual sacrifices, you'll have to cater to some of their demands. One such request comes from a hungry follower, who wants you to prepare them a steaming hot bowl of poop, a menu option that you're able to regularly serve to your disciples.

This actually happened.
This actually happened.

It's not just gross; it's also scientifically accurate. As University of Missouri assistant research professor Ashley Conway noted--and backed up by various studies--the animal species such as donkeys, horses, and rabbits "regularly engage in coprophagy" so that they can reclaim vital nutrients that their digestive systems may have missed the first time.

You don't have to honor this request in Cult of the Lamb, but if you want to make an acolyte more faithful, serving them some crap food is an easy way to do so. The good news is that as you progress further through the game, you can start serving more nutritious meals to your cult, made from fresh berries, healthy vegetables, and fresh meat harvested from one of your followers.

Cult of the Lamb launched last week and has been well-received so far. "Whether you are exploring the dungeons or expanding your cult, the experience is enjoyable, challenging, and more than a bit demented," Jessica Howard wrote in GameSpot's Cult of the Lamb review.

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