CSI: NY indicted for PC

Ubisoft inks TV show adaptation for release this holiday season; adventure game to feature five different cases, new minigames.



If there's one thing that decades of police procedural dramas have taught TV audiences, it's that there is no shortage of dead bodies in the Big Apple. TV-watching whodunit fans will be able to crack five such cases later this year, when Ubisoft releases CSI: New York for the PC.

Lieutenant Dan is on the case!
Lieutenant Dan is on the case!

Based on the CBS TV show of the same name, CSI: NY will let players step into the (gum)shoes of detectives Mac Taylor and Stella Bonasera, respectively played on the show by Gary Sinise and Melina Kanakaredes. Taylor and Bonasera will spend the game solving five original cases scripted by the show's writers. Gameplay tweaks to the CSI series will include new mechanics for interrogations and blood work, as well as a variety of new minigames to simulate facial reconstruction, code breaking, and more.

Ubisoft has enlisted Legacy Interactive to handle development duties on the game. While this will be the studio's first stint on the CSI series, it has no shortage of experience in the genre. Previous Legacy titles have included a string of Law & Order games, including Criminal Intent and Justice is Served. Going beyond the mean streets, Legacy has developed a variety of games including The Apprentice and the Zoo Vet series.

CSI: NY is expected in stores this holiday season.

Disclosure: CSI is a trademarked property of GameSpot parent company CBS.

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