CS:GO Update: Patch Notes Show Big SG553 Nerf

The latest CS:GO update gave a big nerf to the SG553 assault rifle.


Valve has rolled out a new update in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, rebalancing and changing several weapons and making tweaks to the game's maps. Though no individual CS:GO change is likely to massively disrupt the formula, the weapon adjustments could shift competitive play.

Assault rifles got the bulk of adjustments in the April 10 patch. The SG553 had its rate of fire and accuracy reduced, and the AUG's accuracy was also adjusted to make it more effective while un-scoped and slightly less effective while scoped. The M4A1-S, meanwhile, had its price reduced by $200 to $2900.

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The Deagle and Tec-9 pistols were also adjusted. The Deagle's jumping accuracy has been improved to shorten the time for recovery after landing, and the Tec-9's overall firing accuracy has also been improved. The Bizon submachine gun's armor penetration was improved, as well.

Six maps were tweaked: Anubis, Inferno, Overpass, Chlorine, and Mirage. Many of the changes were small, such as cleaning up an individual room or fixing clipping problems, but Anubis was moved to Competitive mode and had boost exploits removed.

You can find the full patch notes below. The game now has some new competition from Riot Games' Valorant, a first-person shooter in beta that combines precise gunplay with hero abilities.


  • SG553 - Reduced rate of fire and accuracy.
  • AUG - Improved standing un-scoped accuracy. Reduced scoped accuracy.
  • M4A1-S - Price reduced to $2900.
  • Deagle - Improved accuracy while jumping and shortened accuracy recovery time after landing.
  • Tec-9 - Improved accuracy.
  • Bizon - Increased armor penetration.



  • Moved to Competitive mode, unintended boost spots and clipping fixed.
  • Fixed water reflection issues and improved performance.


  • Tweaked HDR settings.
  • Wall by door to A site balcony is "bingelibangable."


  • Snow appears on dumpster in back courtyard.
  • Beverage machines are restocked.
  • Office is non-smoking.
  • Tidied up kitchen break room.


  • New collision model on dumpsters
  • Fixed pixel boost in water by B site.
  • Revised world lighting.
  • Reworked bombsite A backdrop.


  • Brightened environment light.
  • Made default CT player model FBI.
  • Added plywood for visibility to bombsite B.
  • Removed water puddles.
  • Fixed area portal on squeaky door.
  • Added grenade clip on yellow tarp.
  • Included missing material for glowing eyes.
  • Fixed clipping issue near river.
  • Fixed few bomb-stuck spots.


  • Fixed clipping issues.
  • Blocked visibility under truck on B site.


  • Compressed textures to improve memory usage.
  • Silence auto-vocalizations by bots in warmup.
  • Removed Guardian from Looking to Play tab.
  • Added -noubershader launch option to improve framerate on old Intel hardware.

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