Crytek UK reigniting Homefront

Nottingham-based studio responsible for Haze, TimeSplitters taking on development duties for as-yet-unnamed sequel.


While THQ's stock dived as a result of the mixed critical reception for Homefront, the publisher hinted in May that a sequel was on the way when it announced that 2.6 million sales represented "a solid start for this new franchise." Hopes of a full sequel were dealt a blow back in July when THQ confirmed that it was to shutter Kaos Studios, but today the publisher confirmed that another Homefront game is indeed in the works.

Homefront took place in a future marked by a North Korean military occupation of the United States.
Homefront took place in a future marked by a North Korean military occupation of the United States.

The sequel to Homefront will be released at some point in THQ's 2014 fiscal year, which translates as some time between April 2013 and the end of March 2014. The game, which does not yet have a title, will be developed by Crytek's Nottingham studio, which was known as Free Radical before it was bought up by the German developer best known for the Crysis series and the Crytek engine.

Free Radical's most recent game before being annexed was the critically disparaged Haze, though it was best known for the highly regarded TimeSplitters series. Details on the game were scarce, save that it will be powered by "the very latest" CryEngine technology.

The game will be released on "PC and home console platforms," according to THQ. The press release for the game does not confirm specifics, though it does reference both PlayStation and Xbox platforms, with no mention of the Wii U or other Nintendo offerings. For more on the franchise, check out the GameSpot video review of the original Homefront below.

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First Homefront was just a Call of Duty clone that sucked. Crytek version? We'll have to see if it's any good.

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crytek uk gimme Battlefront 3!!!!!

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:( i want Timesplitters4

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crytek to take on Timesplitters AND Homefront....hmmmm good thoughts :D i can see homefront being similar to farcry or crysis..... not so sure about timesplitters but crytek has never steered me wrong yet i am sure they will both be awesome.... IF theyh are actually gonna do it of course

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Cry tek is going to have 2 years on Home Front 2, It should have a rating of 9.0 or better! PC gamer here, what I would like to see Cry tek do is to utilize all 4 cores of the processor for smoother gameplay! Could someone tell me in a "Video Game" what part utilizes the processor. GameSpot could you relay this message to Cry tek!

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I have both Homefront and CoD 4-7 and I can honestly say that Homefront was far more fun

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Seems publishers are scared of releasing something a bit different now! I guess because of the economic down turn in the vid games market publishers are losing confidence in creativity! They want to be 100% sure they will get sales in so what do they do out of desperation? they turn to the kind of game which has made a lot and they just copy themes and styles! Publishers then turn to a game developer who wants so much to make a hit or a company trying to take back glory days and tell them to make it! Then publishers stop caring about the portfolios these game devs have and just demand so much from them. "You change this and that suited to our needs!" but then, if those game devs don't fore fill that publishers wishes or were able to generate the sales figures at the end of the day they try to close them down or make life hard. Creativity gets less and less because they then start to get rid of great talent. They then hire younger programmers that have only seen these recent games which have been copied and copied and just go ahead and copy some more!

Avatar image for mr_gibberish

I think Free Rads took on too much to handle with Haze! It got delayed and delayed. They made their own engine just to power it! I honestly think building the engine took up most of their time so they could not finish Haze! Plus when it did launch it was only for the PS3 which again is another downer for them. If they just used another engine Haze would of made it and Free Rads would of still been here with their own name!

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Maybe the sequel will have a better chance to be good, that's if the developers behind the haze game learned their lesson.

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HOMEFRONT was so hyped and when released it turned to be so bad that I am almost not interested in any other sequels...

Avatar image for OtherFabbros

maybe they done something of good.....AH AH AH AH ok i'm stop with nonsenses....

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@lee0577 I don't like fps games. But the answer to your question is call of duty. The sales of COD dwarf everything else. Outside of the MMO world I believe COD BO has sold more units than any other game (certainly in the UK). Everyone wants to tap this apparently lucrative market, and the view is why sell 1.5 million timesplitters when a 4hr FPS can achieve 2.5 million sales. What those that read gamespot want and what the Market wants are not necessarily the same thing ;).

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What the hell is going on with the developers atm? First xcom, everyone wants it then they decide to make it into a FPS and everyone screams. Then Syndicate, everyone wants it, they decide to turn it into an FPS, everyone screams. Now everyone wants timesplitters, what do we get? An COD style FPS. Complete obsession from developers making COD style FPS. Bore off man!!

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This games only great for the multiplayer aspect, even then the bugs, the level resets.. not worth a full retail price, probably better as a 10$ new game.

Avatar image for jedediahpelland

@mr_gibberish Yeah Im gettin bored of racing games, too many of em out there, developers should probably stop making em.... -end sarcasm

Avatar image for MERGATROYDER

Add length and better servers. I enjoyed/enjoy Homefront. It's a great game to put in my 360 and remind me how hit detection really works in online matches.

Avatar image for mr_gibberish

" Yes Homefront was the beginning of helping us (THQ) slip financially downwards but not to worry we will waste money making a sequal!" Great move and way to go on taking Crytek UK with you! This is so damn dumb! Just what the world needs, another boring generic military shooter! The world needs more crazy FPS's full of colour and wacky humour! The world needs difference and this idea just shows publishers are just losing confidence in themselves as businesses and the game devs. Let Crytek UK carrying on working on what it is good at in the first place..... Timeplitters! And stop blaming gamers for ruining the vid games market just because of silly second hand games and see you are doing it to yourselves with dumb moves like this one!

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I just hope it is longer. I played it and liked it... but as for value for money I finished the single player campaign in around 3 hours

Avatar image for Valen_Ca

@slackrabbit The length of the first one wasn't so bad, it is in tune with what most FPSs are these days, what I hope they do is pace it better so that the ending isn't so abrupt, better characters would be a plus as well.

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Homefront was a lame game , a pathetic attempt called, a totally waste of money. Let's hope that Crytek will make it look better.

Avatar image for helldude90

I hope they dont screw up their least favourite system

Avatar image for slackrabbit

Lets hope it is longer than the first game

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I enjoy homefront, but the story (not the backstory) doesn't make sense at all and very short. If they want this to be lifted up, they would new, unused features like those in Red Orchestra, and add more story (more drama) to the story.

Avatar image for firehawk998

Great just great instead of getting a new Timesplitters game we are getting another generic brown colored shooter that was created during the COD Craze. I played Homefront the campaign was ridiculously short and not that great and MP I didnt like it .

Avatar image for kstegall2

Where's our new TimeSplitters game for frak's sake?!

Avatar image for benboz

I reckon Crytek will do well with this next game. They always do great games like Crysis.

Avatar image for Son_of_Bmore

Thq blows they neeed 2 stop pretending they r 1 of the big boys

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I thoroughly enjoyed crysis 2 pc mp though I despise rampant cheaters cos of no anti cheat system. Regardless of gameplay quality, this shall be another hackfest for sure just like crysis 2 pc mp, homefront pc mp. THQ will not spend a dime more on fancy anti cheat like punkbuster or pbban, cos they are already going through a lot.

Avatar image for IronBeaver

@a_tiger101 Always give seconded chances, but never a third.

Avatar image for 4514N_DUD3

@ a_tiger101 it's cuz crytek is making the sequel!! I'm sold already! Just hearing the company name on the product makes me instantly wanna follow up on the game!

Avatar image for Tsuchikage

I'd rather have Crytek UK focusing on TimeSplitters 4 than Homefront.

Avatar image for a_tiger101

Homefront was a piece of garbage and they are making a sequel?

Avatar image for ArabrockermanX

Maybe the reason this is set so far off is because of work on Timesplitters 4... Doesn't hurt to be optimistic.

Avatar image for YoungSinatra25

The last two things they released were Haze and Crysis 2 MP... Both were complete trash. I have no faith in them what so ever. Now their attached to a game which was beyond mediocre. Way to raise the bar... Maybe next they can redo PONG in HD.

Avatar image for Spartan_418

Take an interesting game that was mainly criticized for its poor graphics, then make it run in CryEngine? Sounds sort of promising

Avatar image for RavageCobra

Homefront with super suits?

Avatar image for Destrond

@Buck_Swaggler They are working on CryEngine 3 last time I looked, so it won't be Crysis 2. I'm guessing your one of the few console players that understand what a pathetic waste of space Crysis 2 was

Avatar image for NoDzombie

where is Timesplitters 4 already!!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for holtrocks

@mrzero1982pt2 farcry is ubisoft dude

Avatar image for firedrakes

wow did not see that coming

Avatar image for homestar2142


Avatar image for Buck_Swaggler

"Details on the game were scarce, save that it will be powered by "the very latest" CryEngine technology. " If that means the Crysis 2 engine that was an obvious downgrade from Crysis... not interested.

Avatar image for splittermaster

WHAT?! Hell no! I've been waiting for six freaking years to play Timesplitters 4!! Now, they're trying to improve a generic game... so clever

Avatar image for MonkeyStachmo99

You better make TimeSplitters 4 or else.... SERIOUSLY. TimeSplitters has a larger and better and more dedicated fan base than Homefront does. TimeSplitters 4 please!!!

Avatar image for heroesfan261

Cool. Didn't like homefront much but it had a really cool concept and I think it can really go places.

Avatar image for mrzero1982pt2

@Zero5000X Ry. well will those 2 letters be in it somehow? lets hope so.

Avatar image for MrOrigami

Haters gonna hate. Give me Homefront 2 anyday. They are going to make a sequel, whether you like it or not. Deal with it.

Avatar image for TheLordHimself

Homefront? HOMEFRONT?! Where the hell is Timesplitters 4? You can all bite my crunchy brown ass while I unleash the arse-kick-ulator.

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Give us Timesplitters 4 already.

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