Crytek UK reigniting Homefront

Nottingham-based studio responsible for Haze, TimeSplitters taking on development duties for as-yet-unnamed sequel.


While THQ's stock dived as a result of the mixed critical reception for Homefront, the publisher hinted in May that a sequel was on the way when it announced that 2.6 million sales represented "a solid start for this new franchise." Hopes of a full sequel were dealt a blow back in July when THQ confirmed that it was to shutter Kaos Studios, but today the publisher confirmed that another Homefront game is indeed in the works.

Homefront took place in a future marked by a North Korean military occupation of the United States.
Homefront took place in a future marked by a North Korean military occupation of the United States.

The sequel to Homefront will be released at some point in THQ's 2014 fiscal year, which translates as some time between April 2013 and the end of March 2014. The game, which does not yet have a title, will be developed by Crytek's Nottingham studio, which was known as Free Radical before it was bought up by the German developer best known for the Crysis series and the Crytek engine.

Free Radical's most recent game before being annexed was the critically disparaged Haze, though it was best known for the highly regarded TimeSplitters series. Details on the game were scarce, save that it will be powered by "the very latest" CryEngine technology.

The game will be released on "PC and home console platforms," according to THQ. The press release for the game does not confirm specifics, though it does reference both PlayStation and Xbox platforms, with no mention of the Wii U or other Nintendo offerings. For more on the franchise, check out the GameSpot video review of the original Homefront below.

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