Crytek trademarks Gface, Carvatar, Kingdoms

One month after Warface filing, Crysis creator makes three more USPTO filings for game-related properties.


Crysis Warhead

When it comes to divining the upcoming activities of Crysis creator Crytek, filings with the United States Patent and Trademark Office have proved to be spotty. On the one hand, a trademark application for Crysis Warhead proved to be right on, with the German developer officially announcing the shooter three months after trademarking its title. However, Crytek also has a number of outstanding filings--including those for Warface and World in Crysis--that have yet to be officially attached to a game.

Is this Crytek's next big thing?
Is this Crytek's next big thing?

Now, three more Crytek-related trademark applications have surfaced in the USPTO's online database, bearing the titles of "Gface," "Carvatar," and "Kingdoms." All three applications were initially submitted at the end of March, and include descriptors for "computer game software and electronic games" as well as "motion picture and TV films." Gface and Carvatar also include tags for "books and booklets featuring comedy, drama, action, adventure, animation, and music."

The Kingdoms filing is especially noteworthy, if taken in light of Crytek's CryEngine 3 demo shown during this year's Game Developers Conference. At the 2:25 mark, the demo transitions away from Crysis' near-future setting to a medieval time period. The brief clip first focuses on what appears to be a dragon's head--or possibly a siege engine carved as such--before offering a ground-level view of a fortress under heavy assault from flaming catapult shot.

Crytek has previously said that it is at work on an all-new IP at its satellite studio in Kiev, Ukraine. The game maker's Budapest, Hungary, studio is reportedly at work on an as-yet-announced title for the PSP.

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