Crytek's FPS Warface out today on Xbox 360, new daily missions promised

Free-to-play shooter available today on Microsoft's last-gen console, but you'll need an Xbox Live Gold subscription ($60/year) to play.



Crysis developer Crytek today released their first free-to-play game--Warface--on Xbox Live. It's available to download right now, and if you're at school or work, you can queue it up through the Xbox Marketplace right here.

Warface had previously been available on Xbox 360 in beta. If you participated in the beta, you don't need to re-download the game, as you need only download a title update the next time you play the game. Anything you purchased or earned in the beta will be available to you in the full game.

On Xbox 360, Warface requires an Xbox Live Gold ($60/year) subscription, so it's not exactly free. The game, built on CryEngine 3, features four soldier classes, as well as competitive and cooperative modes. In a bid to keep you engaged, Crytek also plans to release new missions on a daily basis.

Warface has attracted more than 25 million players across PC and Xbox 360 to date, though Crytek has not released any data to speak to just how commercially successful the game has been. After all, it's not out of the ordinary for the overwhelming majority of free-to-play users to never spend a penny.

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