Crytek's first F2P game Warface out today

Crysis developer officially releases new online multiplayer PC shooter through new GFACE gaming hub.

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Crysis and Ryse: Son of Rome developer Crytek today released its first free-to-play game. Warface is available today through Crytek's new online hub called GFACE.

Players must register through GFACE to play Warface and agree to the platform's terms and conditions before they can jump in.

Crytek also announced today that based on feedback from the Warface beta, the game's Medic and Engineer classes won't be unlocked until a certain amount of time has passed.

Gamers must play around 30 minutes in the game's tutorial to unlock the Medic class and around 1 hour for the Engineer class.

In Warface, players start out with a rank of 1 and can level up by gaining XP through taking down enemies and achieving objectives.

Warface, which runs on the CryEngine 3, will be released on Xbox 360 in 2014.

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