Crytek Ready to Jump Into Virtual Reality

"We hope to one day deliver a fully-fleshed VR experience."

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Crysis maker Crytek has expressed hopes to create a full virtual reality experience, the developer has revealed. Speaking in an interview with GameSpot, Crytek managing director Faruk Yerli touched upon Crytek's plans in the VR space.

"We are exploring VR right now. We want to show the world true VR experience can only come from CryEngine, the best one. We see VR as an important device for enthusiasts, then going to mainstream probably. We want to elevate what we can do here… we hope to one day deliver a fully-fleshed VR experience," Yerli said.

He discussed the challenges of bringing VR to a wider audience, speaking of physical limitations "in terms of what gameplay actions you can do." With regards dealing with motion sickness, Yerli said that Crytek had "already found solutions" for it. Crytek creative director Frank Vitz also noted that the engine was able to make use of AMD's LiquidVR technology "directly out of the box" to achieve lower latency across multiple GPUs.

Crytek is known for some of the best-looking games in the industry, which it creates with its proprietary CryEngine. Last year the developer said that it is becoming increasingly difficult to impress players with stunning graphics, but hopes to keep pushing boundaries. The developer also announced a CryEngine licensing plan last year, which allows developers to use CryEngine for $10 a month per user.

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