Crytek launches info on Warhead

Parallel story to Crysis coming this autumn, letting gamers step into the boots of Sergeant 'Psycho' Sykes.


Crysis Warhead

Yesterday, Far Cry developer Crytek updated its Web site, confirming that a project called Crysis Warhead would be coming but offering little else besides an image of a scowling man in a nanosuit.

The company has now armed the public with a few more details on the new game. A first-person shooter like the original Crysis, Warhead will be published by Electronic Arts for the PC this autumn. It's the first game to be developed by Crytek's Budapest studio, and it will be built on a new version of the German developer's graphically groundbreaking CryEngine 2.

Gamers will play as Sergeant "Psycho" Sykes, who briefly appeared in the original Crysis. As the nickname might suggest, he is described as "more brash and aggressive" than his Delta Force squadmate Nomad. The story will be parallel to the one that unfolded in the original game and will document Psycho's adventures on the other side of the same island.

The first Crysis game from the German developers was released on the PC in November last year to critical acclaim. The sci-fi story took place in the future, and Delta Force agents led by Jake "Nomad" Dunn were sent to rescue a team of archaeologists. The team had been kidnapped by North Korean forces after the discovery of an alien spacecraft on an island off the coast of China.

Crysis Warhead will feature a bigger arsenal of customisable weaponry, new vehicles, and single-player and multiplayer content.

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