Crytek: Crysis 3 is 'our masterpiece'

Founder Cevat Yerli says latest entry is technically and creatively better than first two titles, but suffering due to gamer "fatigue."


Crysis 3 is "so far, our masterpiece," Crytek founder Cevat Yerli told Gamasutra. He added that the first-person shooter is technically and creatively superior to the first two games.

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"It is better than Crysis 2. It is better than Crysis 1. Technical and creatively, and storytelling--all aspects," he said.

Despite Yerli's belief in the quality of Crysis 3, he said it is no surprise that the game is receiving lower critical marks. He chalked up the game's relatively tepid reception to a pair of factors, the first of which is gamer fatigue.

"Some games have lost up to 20 percent, despite the fact that the games are quite good still," Yerli said. "That's because there's a certain fatigue level with the old generation currently. The markets are down[…]people's expectations are much more radical than the current generation of games are doing."

He added that this trend may be reversed when next-generation platforms arrive. "I think the new generation of consoles will reinvigorate that and help to elevate that again, and elevate new concepts of gaming which old platforms are right now limiting, too," he said.

Yerli also said some of the blame for Crysis 3's review scores are due to the fact that the original PC-exclusive Crysis was such a "different" game compared to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 offerings at the time.

"It was so different to others that the relative impact it created was so much more bigger than Crysis 2 or Crysis 3," he said.. "So, for me, the relative impact that Crysis 3 has created is lower than what Crysis 1 did. But I would think at any level it's better than Crysis 2, and it's certainly still better than Crysis 1. People remember Crysis 1 much bigger than it was, because it had a high impact."

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