Crystal Dynamics Is Testing The Waters For A New Legacy Of Kain

Crystal Dynamics is circulating a survey that seems to point to a return for the long-dormant vampire series.


Crystal Dynamics hasn't made a Legacy of Kain game in more than a decade, but that might change soon. The company has authored a survey which asks fans what they'd like to see in a new entry in the series.

The survey asks the sort of questions that you'd expect, such as rating your favorite entries in the series, your favorite characters, and what platforms you play on regularly. It also explicitly asks whether you'd prefer to see a remake, reboot, or outright sequel to the originals, and what modern games you think a new LoK should emulate. It also asks about developments in modern vampire games, such as Vampyr, V Rising, and the unlikely indie hit Vampire Survivors.

Fans began to gather hope for a new Legacy of Kain when Square Enix sold its European studios (including Crystal Dynamics) to the Embracer Group earlier this year. The last proper entry in the series, Defiance, came out nearly 20 years ago in 2003. (There was also the ill-fated multiplayer spinoff Nosgoth, but we don't talk about that.) As a whole, it seems likely that Crystal Dynamics will eventually return to the series, but it's unclear what form that'll take. Hopefully this survey will help clear that up.

On a related note, if you're looking to revisit Soul Reaver--arguably the best game in the series--intrepid fan Raina Audron recently released an unofficial HD remaster via the Dreamcast emulator Flycast. That port of Soul Reaver was always the best version of the game, and this remaster redraws every texture, making it the preferred way to play the cult classic in 2022. However, it requires a Dreamcast copy of Soul Reaver to work.

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