Crystal Chronicles creator hard at work on TGS title

Akitoshi Kawazu looking to show new title later this month at the Tokyo Game Show.


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

In an interview yesterday with the Japanese gaming portal Gpara, Square Enix producer Akitoshi Kawazu (best known as the driving force behind such titles as Unlimited SaGa, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, and the Final Fantasy Unlimited anime series) revealed that he is hard at work on a project to be shown at this month's Tokyo Game Show.

"While I can't say anything specific," Kawazu told the site, "we're currently making preparations for the Tokyo Game Show. Please look forward to it." While the exact nature of the title is unknown, it is important to point out that The Game Designers Studio, the Kawazu-led branch of Square Enix that created Crystal Chronicles, has been rumored to have another GameCube project in development. And, of course, a new title in the Crystal Chronicles series for the Nintendo DS was announced at E3 earlier this year.

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