Crysis firing up XBLA, PSN October 4

Former PC-exclusive Crysis' console release date revealed; $20 price point confirmed.



Earlier this month, Electronic Arts announced that 2007's PC-exclusive Crysis was being prepared for deployment through Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network sometime this October. Now the game's exact release date has been revealed, and it's sooner rather than later.

The original Crysis was seen as a graphical benchmark for PC gaming.
The original Crysis was seen as a graphical benchmark for PC gaming.

EA has announced that Crysis will make its console downloadable bow next week, on October 4. As was previously announced, the game will cost 1,600 MS points on Xbox Live and $20 on the PlayStation Network.

When it arrives, Crysis will feature only the original game's single-player campaign. However, developer Crytek has said the campaign is being "remastered" for the console release with new lighting effects, optimized controls, and stereoscopic 3D support for both systems.

The campaign storyline will remain the same, with players joining an elite team of soldiers in a near-future setting where the United States and North Korea are embroiled in rising tensions. Players will be sent into hostile (but lush) territory held by North Korean forces in the South China Sea, and the situation is further complicated by the arrival of alien forces.

For more on Crysis, check out GameSpot's original review.

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