Crysis Developer Allegedly Hasn't Paid Some Employees for 6 Months

Workers cannot afford to get home, says whistleblower.


Crytek, developer of Crysis, Robinson: The Journey, and the original Far Cry, has allegedly not paid some of its staff in nearly six months.

That's according to one Reddit user, CrytekThrowaway, who claims to be a current Crytek employee at the company's headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. The whistleblower states, "I'm not sure where else to turn at this point. This has happened in the past a few times, but never for this long. Management never gives anyone a heads up, and it isn’t clear to me if they are getting paid or even informed from the owners.

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"The last time this happened we were told it would be the last time and yet it is happening again. Many of my co-workers moved from out of the country to work here and are unable to leave because they cannot afford to get back home due to their wages being withheld for so long."

The poster, who has not been independently verified, goes on to say, "People are afraid to speak out," and reports that the company's higher-ups assure its workers that "wages are coming soon." Other than that, upper management is apparently remaining silent on the issue: "Upper management refuses to speak to any of us and our managers have no answers. We have never been apologized to."

It seems the issue is not limited to Crytek's Frankfurt studio. "This isn’t just here in Germany," claims the Reddit user." This is in all of our offices as far as I can tell."

Staff at Crytek Black Sea, the company's Bulgarian studio, are also without pay for the third month running, reports Let's Play Video Games. Crytek Black Sea is apparently up for sale.

Crytek owns a number of studios throughout Europe and Asia, and previously the USA. Crytek USA was closed in 2014 following a batch of lay-offs. It was reported at the time that many staff had quit following months of unpaid wages.

Crytek UK, meanwhile, closed down at the same time as Crytek sold the rights to the Homefront series to Deep Silver. Many Crytek UK staff continued to work on Homefront: The Revolution at the then-newly formed Deep Silver Dambuster Studios, situated in the same city, Nottingham, as Crytek UK.

Crytek's latest game is the VR title Robinson: The Journey, which GameSpot awarded a 7. For more, check out our full Robinson: The Journey review.

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