Crysis DeLorean Time Machine v1.0 Mod

Do you want to drive 88mph and time travel? Well you can with the recently released Crysis DeLorean Time Machine v1.0 Mod. Check it out.



No Caption Provided This simple modification allows you to drive the Back to the Future 1 DeLoreanin the Crysis Sandbox Editor. There’s a readme file that shows you how to install and use the DeLorean within the Sandbox editor, as well as recommended maps that help you reach the 88mph you need to time travel. We’ve added a readme file so that you can create a simple map without having to figure out how to load one of the recommended maps.

I gotta get me one of these.
I gotta get me one of these.

The modeling of the DeLorean is the best I’ve seen in a modification, and the added effects of time traveling make this one special mod. You can download this mod and many other files at the GameSpot Downloads Page.

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