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Crysis Board Game Is Crowdfunding With Crytek's Blessing

Would you play Crysis Analogue Edition?


Crysis, the first person shooter known for its superhuman nanosuit and impressive graphics, doesn't seem like the likeliest contender for a board game adaptation, but that's just what one German game developer is trying to do.

Frame6, which previously developed PC and mobile games, this week launched a Kickstarter campaign for Crysis Analogue Edition, a board game based on the first person shooter.

"Aside from granting us the Crysis license for this game, the design team of the original Crysis series has assisted us with original visual assets and was part of our QA team for this game," Frame6 said. "This collaboration should guarantee a true to the original experience while providing original content for a core board gamer audience."

Frame 6 says describes it as a fast-paced strategy game for 2-8 players, with Team Instant Action or Capture the Relay modes. Two factions fight over a hex grid, using different nanosuit abilities, cover, and other items represented with cards and dice rolls. You can get a better idea for how the game works in the video above.

The Kickstarter campaign has a funding goal of €85,000 (almost $95,000) it has to reach by June 12. At the moment, it has raised a little over €23,000 from 234 backers. You can find out more about the game and back it yourself on its Kickstarter page.

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