Crysis 3: The Lost Island DLC revealed

New multiplayer expansion for Crytek's shooter launching June 4 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC for $15.


The first downloadable content expansion pack for Crysis 3 will take players out of the city and into the tropics. Electronic Arts and Crytek announced the Crysis 3: The Lost Island multiplayer expansion today, due to launch June 4 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC for $15.

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In a statement, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli said the Lost Island DLC marks a return to the franchise's "spiritual roots."

"The gameplay in the Crysis series has always been deeply connected to the unique environments in which the action takes place," Yerli said. "By transporting players out of the Liberty Dome and into the Lost Island setting, we're not only returning to Crysis' spiritual roots, but also introducing fresh ways to play that provide Crysis 3 fans with genuinely game-changing new tactical options, game modes and weapons."

Crysis 3: The Lost Island focuses on an alien presence that has been discovered on a small island in the Philippines 200 miles from Ling Shan. A band of rebel forces have been sent to the island to destroy the "unknown extraterrestrial entity" before a CELL team can obtain it "by any means necessary."

Yesterday, Crytek teased that it would make a "major" announcement today.

Crysis 3 launched in February and sold 205,000 units during the month in the United States, according to NPD data. According to publisher Electronic Arts, the game failed to meet sales expectations.

For more on Crysis 3, check out GameSpot's review.

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Avatar image for sexyeyes79

Anybody else tired of not getting single player expansions anymore? I enjoy multiplayer when I'm in the mood for it but it would be nice to have expansions to the sp story with additional mp maps for some games.

If there's any Fallout fans, you should try out Project Brazil, totally free of course. If you love the wasteland it is worth a look.

Avatar image for B_STATS

I quit Crysis with 2. Having a game not set in an open World that doesn't even have a decent story to save it is unacceptable in this day and age.

Avatar image for abdoalwaer

I was excited until I read the word "multiplayer" . :(

Avatar image for MatrixGamer78

Far Cry 3 > Crysis 3.

Avatar image for B_STATS

@MatrixGamer78 Far Cry 2 > Far Cry 3

Avatar image for thermalmotion

@MatrixGamer78 The > symbol is such a lazy way to make a point.

Avatar image for CUDGEdave

"spiritual roots." Yeah, never mind that get it back on PC exclusivley Mr Crytek were it belongs.

Avatar image for Keaze_

"The gameplay in the Crysis series has always been deeply connected to the unique environments in which the action takes place,"

Cevat Yerli is delusional. And blind.

Avatar image for Libor0711

So, let me get this straight:

Ubisoft's Far Cry 3 add-on (Blood Dragon) was a standalone, 6-hour single-player, fun and new, original experience. And compared to this Crytek considers a MP map addon a MAJOR thing? They totally lost the plot, that's for sure. More Far Cry, please...

Avatar image for Paul_Yew

...Do I see somebody using a "Gravity Hammer"-like weapon to send other players flying away in that terribly low resolution screenshot?

Avatar image for Cillah187

Map packs are the biggest load of crap since in app purchases.

Crysis has crap multiplayer in my opinion and no amount of map packs will fix it.

Avatar image for bbdavo55

what the hell is going on in that screenshot? it's just a clusterfuck of low res bullshit

Avatar image for tionmedon

trying 2 milk every last dollar out of the game thanks,shove it ........fap it......

Avatar image for IceAxe18

I don't play multiplayer in Crysis, I have always been a single player, so I was hopeing for somthing to do with single player.

Avatar image for Hiliary

Omg, what a mega lackluster "big" announcement, lol.

Avatar image for ristactionjakso

Hmmm, Warhead for $10 on consoles would have been a cool announcement.

Avatar image for DomaineStickem

the game died months ago

Avatar image for xepha537


"Crysis died years ago..."

There - fixed it for you...

Avatar image for acelogan1989

mega meh

Avatar image for eriktkire

so... how is this big news?

Just a small map pack? And it's at the usual premium DLC price?

Whoever is working in their PR department needs to open a dictionary, maybe go learn what happens in the world of marketing when you try drumming up big hype over something nobody cares about to begin with.

Whatever Crysis 3 did to improve their rep from Cry2... they're shitting it away with an announcement like this.

Avatar image for heat_masheet

Like telling your significant other that their xmas present will be so special and you buy them a pair of socks. FU crytek

Avatar image for DefconRave

So not even sp but mp? f*ck u crytek, stop hyping crap.

Avatar image for sexyeyes79


Wouldn't it be nice if you got a single player expansion with mp maps instead of just a map pack? It's a joke anymore.

Avatar image for silvergol

@DefconRave Looks like **** EA!.

Avatar image for hella_epic

This was the "Major" announcement?! wow. And here I was thinking that they would be releasing a stand-alone expansion like Crysis:Warhead.

Avatar image for Shanks_D_Chop

@hella_epic Skipped over Crysis 2, little interest in 3. Had they announced a SP campaign expansion where you return to the franchise's superb roots by playing as Nomad... Shit, they'd have made a sale out of me right there and then. Instead...

Avatar image for hadlee73

If you see black smoke, run! Oh sorry, wrong "Lost" island :P

Avatar image for biggest_loser

Remember on PC when they used to release map packs and such for free?

Avatar image for Acekidder

@biggest_loser Nope my memory has been wiped by micro transactions.

Avatar image for heat_masheet

Dear Gamespot, Is there any way of sending this entire comment section to that moron Yerli. You know, for him to read?

Avatar image for DukeMagnum

@heat_masheet you could post on the mycrysis forums, i think i saw him actually post there once and he was mad because people were putting down his game. but if he truly thinks crysis 3 is a masterpiece then he needs to check himself. it's a 7.0 at best. the campaign is ok, but it's fairly short and just seems to be lacking all around. the things you do don't feel like they have any importance behind them and the scale of things from crysis 2 to crysis 3 campaign just felt ... bad. the multiplayer of 3 was pretty bad compared to 2 as well. the maps seem like a jumbled mess, everything was way too big, and maybe that works on PC with more players but on console it didn't translate well at all. they nerfed the cloak really hard, buffed the armor pretty hard.. i dunno, just didn't enjoy it as much all around. they need to figure out whether they want to make a console or a PC game and then make the damn thing. but i'm tired of it being tailored to PC when console players buy more than twice the copies of PC players. if that's how they want to be then don't make a console version and go all out on the PC one so those guys are happy with it.

Avatar image for nutcrackr

Points for hyping this DLC pack. Are people still playing mp? I played some of the C3 mp and it's not too bad but not something I will likely go back to. Crytek seems to have lost their way after Warhead, not sure why.

Avatar image for silvergol

"Too bad but not something I will likely go back to"

Is EA magic!.

Avatar image for Raditz5

@nutcrackr Consoles!!!!

Avatar image for TimboII

Even though I'm not a major fan of what is crysis 3 crytek lost my respect teasing this as a major announcement. It's a dlc multiplayer map pack which is fairly common these days. If you want to do something 'major' add single player dlc at a reasonable price that expands the extremely short campaign.

Avatar image for silvergol

@TimboII When you work For EA, Your respect already died!.

Avatar image for Huskypaw

Can't we simply finally put an end to this, please?

Avatar image for Pyrosa

That's pretty much exactly what I posted yesterday: "Crysis 1 in the Crytek 3 engine as DLC."

I played Crysis 2 MP once. I enjoyed it... Something like "neat -- the suit changes standard competitive MP a little bit, with the whole stealth-to-armor bitch-moves." Then I resumed falling asleep halfway through the campaign.

Avatar image for Hugo_Fahkov

LMAO!!!! This is the MAJOR announcement?! They're kidding, right??? I mean, they must have something wrong in their heads to think that the completely tired, worn out, age old process of dumping stupid map packs on us gamers, is somehow...major???? There isn't any compelling reason to buy this, at all. The multiplayer was luke warm anyhow, and to try to pry $15 out of us, to play a dead, boring, mutiplayer game is just short of criminal. The major announcement is a major FAIL.

I was SOOOO hoping for some single player, story driven gaming. Maybe perhaps returning us to the Lingshan islands, to possibly dig up some more info on the story, searching abandoned med labs, over run military installations, possibly finding the body of Nomad (from the 1st game), ect. Could've really been cool.

But...instead...we get a major, totally awesome dude, map pack. *yawn* Cerli; you're an idiot.

Avatar image for ewjiml

Is Crytek high? Did they do a survey and find that the majority of gamers (who did not sell their copy already) wanted a multiplayer map pack? Personally, when they said "big" announcement I was expecting a single-player DLC on a tropical island of some sort. Instead, I get this. I guess when nobody plays your game online anymore, it makes sense to make an online map pack. Durp.

Avatar image for petez34

@ewjiml It's dumb decisions like this that cost a lot money for the dev's. It's just a quick cash grab and I wouldn't be surprised if it was finished when the game released but just put out now to try and reinvigorate the game.

Avatar image for ewjiml

Too little, too late. A single player DLC might have made me tread this game again but a map pack with 4 maps and a handful of guns? Pleeeeeease.

Avatar image for oOhedzOo

I demand a DX10 support patch! strange.. am I the only one here wanting that?

Avatar image for bigruss51

Everyone crying about crysis 3 being a shit experience must be playing it on the consoles. Crysis3 multiplayer is 10x better than CoD. I've enjoyed all the crysis games equaly.

Avatar image for Shanks_D_Chop

@bigruss51 Sorry but I'm gonna take the plunge and say you're wrong. ANY MP experience is only as good as the people playing it. CoD5 MP, on PC at any rate, remains superb.

Avatar image for deactivated-583276a1d2d91

lol evryone got trolled by crytek

Avatar image for starjay009

Okay.... so is this what Crytek wanted us all to be excited about ? Naah.. I am giving it a pass. Honestly, Crysis 3 wasn't even a good experience.

Avatar image for couly

baha that's the 'big news' ? a multiplayer pack for a game nobody plays?

Avatar image for DevilMightCry

CRYTEK: "Hey everyone, we have a major announcement. We're going back to the roots. We listened to the fans and we will go back to what made Crysis great!

Fans: "F*** yeah! Sandbox Crysis style gameplay DLC!."

CRYTEK: "$15 multilayer DLC"

Fans: "............."

Avatar image for starjay009

@DevilMightCry hahahaha... Crytek are so out of touch !! LOL