Crysis 3 development manager joins Angry Birds developer Rovio

Katharina Hautz joins Rovio as a Senior Producer.


Angry Birds
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General Manger at Rovio Entertainment Stockholm Oskar Burman announced on Twitter that the company has hired Crytek's Katharina Hautz as its new Senior Producer.

Hautz worked at Crytek for five years on both the single player and multiplayer modes of Crysis 2 and Crysis 3. At this time we still don't know what project she'll contributing to at Rovio, but the Angry Birds developer has said it will reveal what it's been working on later this year.

Rovio has branched out to different platforms and more graphically and mechanically complicated games since the unprecedented success of its simple, physics-based mobile puzzle game, Angry Birds.

In 2012, it launched another puzzle game, Amazing Alex, which topped the app store charts when it was released, but didn't catch on like the Angry Birds phenomenon. In November 2013 it launched Angry Birds Star Wars on consoles to middling reviews.

Rovio also recently launched Angry Birds Go!, a free-to-play kart racer spinoff. The game's "fully rendered" 3D world is impressive to look at it, but Rovio was criticized for the pricing on some of the in-app purchases it offered.

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