Crysis 2 multiplayer demo exclusive to Xbox Live

[UPDATE] Paid subscribers given sole access to competitive trial of Crytek's sci-fi shooter beginning January 25; demo ends February 4.

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Crysis 2's release date has been locked in for some time now, after Crytek took to its Twitter feed in August to attach a March 22 bow for the sci-fi shooter on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. For Xbox Live Gold members, that wait will be easier, as Crytek announced today that subscribers to the Xbox 360's premium service will gain access to an exclusive multiplayer demo beginning January 25.

Crysis 2's multiplayer component will be set in war-ravaged New York City, with players picking through the rubble to eradicate one another. Aiding in the fun will be nanosuits, which grant such superhuman abilities as speeds boosts, strength enhancements, and temporary invisibility.

New York has seen better days. Not much better, but certainly better.
New York has seen better days. Not much better, but certainly better.

The demo itself will offer the Skyline map, as well as two game modes: Team Instant Action and Crash Site. The former presents a standard deathmatch mode, where players compete to kill as many on the opposing side as they can, gaining ranks and prestige along the way. The latter is a capture-and-hold game type, in which players attempt to secure an alien drop pod and then defend it from the opposing team.

[UPDATE] Responding to a request for comment, EA confirmed for GameSpot that the Crysis 2 multiplayer demo will end on February 4.

For more on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of Crysis 2.

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