Crysis 2 DirectX 11 Update Released

We spent some time today with Crysis 2's much-anticipated visual upgrade.


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Shooter fans: Today was the day Crytek officially released its DirectX 11 update to Crysis 2--an update many a PC gamer believed should have been part of the game in the first place. Regardless, we took some time today to download both the DirectX 11 update and the high-res texture pack. And this Wednesday, there shall be even more downloadable happiness available, in the form of a mission editor, which I'm hoping to spend some time with, if time permits.

The updates add features you'd hope to see in a DirectX 11 game: tessellation, high dynamic range motion blur, improved water rendering, and more. In effect, the changes take an already attractive game and make it look even more stunning. Particle shadows and motion blur are particular striking in sequences with a lot of destruction, and the HDR post processing makes moving from a darker area into an area bathed in sunlight momentarily breathtaking. My work PC took only the slightest frame rate hit when compared to the original, only rarely dropping under a solid 60 frames per second.

The recent trailer does a good job of comparing the enhancements. In addition, we took a few gameplay movies and screens for you to gaze at, though the differences at a glance will likely be minimal to those not searching for them. I am hoping to get some pre- and post-patch screens tonight to share tomorrow, but I hope you enjoy these in the meanwhile!

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