Crysis 2 delayed, Need for Speed Shift 2 announced

[UPDATE]: Electronic Arts reveals Crytek shooter and previously unheard of racing sequel both set for launch in first quarter of 2011; Dead Space 2 also listed for handheld and mobile devices.


While investors poured through Electronic Arts' first quarter results looking for good news of the publisher's financial fortunes, gamers taking a peek found both good news and bad. The company's results included a publishing and distribution schedule revealing two unexpected games penciled in for the first quarter of 2011: Crysis 2 and Need for Speed Shift 2, both listed for the console and PC.

This Crysis just got less imminent.
This Crysis just got less imminent.

Previously, Crysis 2 had been announced as launching in the 2010 holiday season, while Need for Speed Shift 2 hadn't been announced at all. The revelation of Shift 2 being due by March 2011 is especially notable considering it comes on the heels of Criterion Games' much-anticipated first Need for Speed game, Hot Pursuit. Currently, Hot Pursuit is set to arrive in stores November 16.

Crysis 2 sees players fend off an alien threat once again, aided by a nanosuit that grants the user superhuman abilities ranging from speed boosts to active camouflage. One departure the sequel will be taking is in the setting. While the original game featured lush tropical environments, Crysis 2 takes place in the urban jungle of New York City.

Unlike its campy predecessor Need for Speed Undercover, Shift focused more on the experience of driving and was oriented around first-person, in-cockpit perspective racing. Upon its release last September, Shift featured more licensed cars than any previous installment of the series, as well as a number of real-world tracks, including the UK's Brands Hatch course. The game was released on consoles and the PC, with development handled by Slightly Mad Studios in collaboration with EA's Black Box studio.

For more on Crysis 2, check out GameSpot's latest preview.

[UPDATE] In a post-earnings conference call, EA's John Schappert said Crysis 2 was delayed for a "better window and polishing."

Another title lurking in the publisher's quarterly report was the acknowledgement of Dead Space 2 coming not just to the PC and consoles, but also to handhelds and mobile phones. EA didn't specify if the "handheld" designation indicated a PSP, DS, or even a 3DS installment in the survival horror franchise.

The Dead Space brand is spreading faster than a necromorph infestation. EA has already documented a multimedia blitz for the series involving comics, novels, and animated films, and recently registered a URL for a Dead Space Sabotage Web site.

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@VercettiTommyy I think you're quite dumb for an NFS fan. SHIFT was considered as one of NFS's worst game. Well its a good effort bring realism a.k.a. Forza / Gran Turismo to NFS but seriously SHIFT has no soul. Its driving mechanism are bad. The only memorable NFS games are the original Road & Track Need For Speed, Porsche Unleashed, Hot Pursuit 2, Underground, Most Wanted and the new Hot Pursuit. If NFS wants to bring driving realism, they need to make it something like Road & Track Need for Speed or Porsche Unleashed where those two games bring different characteristics on each terms of handling, etc. We'll see if SHIFT 2 brings improvements on its driving mechanics.

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can't wait for shift 2...shift was the best NFS by far and one of the best racing games ever. too bad for the idiots who can only comprehend street racing arcades with cops and such. but true racing sim fans will certainly love shift 2

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I can't see them releasing 2 NFS games within 5 months of each other. NFS always comes out in the Sept-Nov window, so I'd expect to see Shift 2 get pushed back to that sort of period.

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I played and enjoyed the first Crysis. But somehow I'm more pumped for Dead Space 2

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oh yeah I'm a little hyped about Crysis2 and I'm happy that it got delayed untill early next year, my wallet can take a break.

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it looks like i got a big 4 month's of next year to look forward to Dead space, GOW, GR:future soldier. Oh an for the one guy that need for speed: undercover good must be retarded, but I agree with you on need for speed: shift was a peice of crap I played the demo and when it comes to racing simulation I'll stick to the Forza series, so peace out.

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Not entirely sure why Crysis 2 was delayed since I recollect someone saying the game was finished. Perhaps there are still bugs to iron out.

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the only game crysis has to really compete with is Rage from ID (dont know when it comes) ... when crysis hit the consoles fanboys of all games must be very brave to except the new masters of gameplay and technological virtousity ... crysis 1 is the best looking an dplayable game (FPS) since over 2years now ... I expect nothing less for crysis 2 on a console scale of things ...

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NfS: Shift2!! cant wait. ^_^

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this news just makes me want crysis 2 even more.its like waving a chocolate bar just out of a fat kids reach.

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Hoh, I like delaying. It helps to increase curiosity ;)Which is Extremely good for Mind and Emotion both. Probably Crytek experienced problems for upcoming game Crysis 2. Surely they are taking time to Fix them.

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I would have rather played 10 "campy" Undercover games than the boring Shift. At least there was free roaming like the better days of the series. You might not have liked Undercover - but don't try to place it in a postition it doesn't belong - Shift was by far the worst NFS game ever - the worst gameplay, the worst music, the worst car selections, the worst options... all around more of a FAIL than Undercover ever was. (And anyway I liked Undercover, I could care less what you think - so there!).

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Have to say pushing back Crysis 2 is a good decision. Out of all of the shooters being released in the near future, Halo: Reach is the one you don't want to compete with. Better off fighting less popular shooters like Killzone because you stand a better chance at stealing a fraction of the sales. Halo's fanbase is pretty diehard dedicated.

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Coolyfett is so looking forward to The Dead Space game on the PSP....those are on fire! Should do well on the handheld.

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I've been waiting for the day the Crysis series would be ported somehow to consoles no matter how inferior :D.

Avatar image for dmdavenport

They probably wanted to give Richard Morgan more time to work on the story.

Avatar image for Coolyfett

Dead Space PSP is gonna be awesome fresh!! Coolyfett will get that game on the first day. No one can stop him. Its going to be amazing!

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Nooooooooooooooes :'( I'm going to thumbs up Borats comment below because I think it's very Niaaaaaaace.

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Crysis 2 will make surprise everyone

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Really looking forward to crysis 2. Just hope the new wait makes it even better.

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Maybe delaying crysis 2 isnt such a bad thing.. hopefully they will polish up the game and make it look even better x)

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first of all I never compared Crysis 2 to Halo, Crytek do a google search has released statements saying by Crytek's own employees that they were making Crysis 2 to be a "Halo Killer" What is sad is that when they showed Crysis 2 at E3 they showed it running on a PC at console settings, really sad and I am not surprised they delayed it, if anything thing all Cryteck has been desperately trying to do is hype and hype and feed more hype to popularize their game that is relatively unknown to console gamers specially when they did not even get a Crysis 1

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sad because have to wait longer for crysis 2

Avatar image for Serraph105

eh I'm not really craving Crysis 2 right now anyways

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yes dom1000, because you somehow know more about the best time to release a video game than a large group of people who probably had at least 8 years of schooling to be able to read markets and tell when they will make the most money.... they release them in the fall because of the holiday rush and this is being pushed back because that time frame has become over saturated.

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I want a good pc game soon stop delaying game and realeasing them all at the same time.Im not rich i cant afford to buy all the game at the same time.Stupid markingting idea by the big boss who make me want to jsut downalod there game off a website and crack them cause i cant buy them cause they all go out at the same time. REAly stupid.

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Never played Shift....With the release of Shift 2 next year...I don't know if ill be playing that one either with GT5 coming this november.

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I am fine with delays as long as the game is fantastic!! Take your time and don't give us Madden... Uhhh I mean Crap!

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Need for Speed Shift sucked. Bring back the street racing and cop chases.

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They are a lot of top shooters coming out this year so that’s ok with me. I'm sure it’s for a good reason as for NFS I really don’t care. NFS is becoming like a joke now, every couple months and they release a new one, just cook up a storyline and change the title. What happened to the real NFS? Why can they bring a storyline like MW and customization like U2. NFS is better off with one good game with lots of cars and tracks, day and night, cops, cool customization and they should just update it with DLC rather that to make one every six month and they all are a pile of trash. Stop looking at movies and other games and bring back the real NFS.

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Well the way things are going looks like we are going to have another busy First Quarter as we did this year.

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Man, I was looking forward to Crysis 2 for Christmas but I had a feeling it might happen. Well, that's $60 I don't have to worry about; already saving up for Kinect, an extra game or two for it and might upgrade to the newer 360.

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Crysis 2 i have some time to save some money for a 2nd 5870 to run it at full settings on 1080p...

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OMG Why the Crysis 2 delay? So Killzone 3, Ghost Recon Future soldier and Crysis 2 all coming out around the same time. Those are three amazing games. That's $180 I'm gonna end up spending at one time:( What game is gonna take over my 2010 holiday season? Nobody say CoD: Black Ops! Oh and about NFS. EA, bring back the street racing 'cause thats what peopl want to play. Nowadays, all racing games are driving simulators. People want NFS Underground 3 or Most Wanted 2.

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@PenthiusX But that is what I'm talking; the particles physics are good, the breaking trees, explosions, everything, the outdoor environments is really a masterpiece; but about the ragdoll, I've noticed a problem right when you throw a live one against a rock, for example. When the body is falling, the ragdoll simulation is clearly visible; but it seems that at the exactly moment when the person dies, it freezes, and you can see the dead body sometimes "rolling" down the rock/floor so unnatural as it was a tree trunk. Sometimes the bodies freezes with one arm or leg up, and it stay that way on the floor, even when you turn the physics effects to the maximum. I agree with you that it doesn't need to contort as it does in Painkiller, about making me laugh sometimes, but it could have made a middle between the features, as was done with Modern Warfare Engine.

Avatar image for hahnasty

They have to change a lot to get NFS back on pace for Shift 2. I don't think they'll fix it enough to make it great.

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@jaymib well the thing about the new NFS is that its different than hot pursuit. Shift is a sim which makes it better than any arcade racer

Avatar image for jaymib

Whats the point of being out a new Need for Speed games 4 months after one been released!!! sounds like its a quick money maker on the back of Hot Pursuit, which is more likely going to be the best NFS, as the guys who made Burnout are doing it.

Avatar image for PenthiusX

@GabrielOnuris I genuinely cant figure out ur grammar, but i am well aware what particle and ragdoll simulators do. Again are u try to say crysis had no physics ? cus the game i played(and im sure others did as well) involved plenty of particle explosions and breaking trees etc. if you are comparing to that overthetop physics that painkiller and other similar games used which made the bodies contort in all forms when dead .... that was supposed to be less desirable . Crysis had an almost real looking rag-motion .. Ps----> Try picking a live one using str mode and throw him into a house.

Avatar image for BKGlover

Shift was the worst racing game since Juiced. How can they make it worse?

Avatar image for holenjd

Shift was the best NFS game since Most Wanted IMO. And I can't believe that they need to polish Crysis 2 any more. It all ready looks so so pretty. Maybe they are upping the frame rates for 3D.

Avatar image for Goriza

i don't need another Need for Speed Shift. That game just sucks!!

Avatar image for lilmurfer

I guess they run out of names. So they decided to name it Shift 2.

Avatar image for Marky360

Man I was really looking forward to playing Crysis 2 this year guess this just gives me more time to save up I need a new Harddrive for my PS3 anyway or I'm not going to have the space to install it.

Avatar image for marco245

Thank God. Now Christmas isn't so hectic games wise.

Avatar image for SicklySunStorm

Crysis will be worth it, pure and simple. Not so sure for Shift 2... Shift the first, it was a good game and all, but it wasn't great... next to the likes of Forza 3 and the upcoming GT5, I don't fancy it's chances much. We'll soon see.... as for Hot Pursuit, it could be good if Criterion do us proud, which they probably will.

Avatar image for afrosud12

This is alright. Hopefully Nvidia will come out with a revised GTX 475/485 or ATI will come out with better cards before 2011 so I can run this beast at high settings. And so crytek can optimize the engine because they did a piss poor job with the last one.

Avatar image for kelt321

Grrrr, now what are we supposed to wait for this year? Everything gets delayed... I have to start replaying old games now.

Avatar image for tinker0007

Well its disappointed crysis 2 delayed but its a good time to save some money guys .

Avatar image for LightvL

Good news, l hate playing beta games published by EA. Shift 2, is SMS developing it or have EA got another developer?