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Cryptic boards Star Trek Online

Champions Online dev officially acquires coveted license to Gene Roddenberry's sci-fi epic; first footage of PC and console MMORPG to be webcast from annual Trekkie convention on Aug. 10.


Although not quite at the level of Spock's dramatic demise in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Perpetual Entertainment's closing in January fell heavy on the hearts of those looking forward to beaming aboard Star Trek Online. However, as one of Perpetual's last moves, the studio reportedly fired off its own Genesis capsule containing the coveted Star Trek massively multiplayer online game license, a capsule that reportedly fell on fertile soil in the backyard of City of Heroes creator Cryptic Studios.

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Today, that rumor can be confirmed. Cryptic Studios has announced that it has indeed acquired the rights to publish Star Trek Online, and is developing it for the PC and unnamed consoles. The shop is currently developing Champions Online for the PC and Xbox 360, but has not announced any PlayStation 3 projects.

True to's initial report, Cryptic accompanied the game's announcement with a handful of screenshots. The developer also said that it will unveil the first gameplay footage at this year's Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. The event will be webcast live, and can be viewed through the game's official Web site on August 10.

Star Trek Online is the second MMOG in Cryptic Studios' stable. After selling off its stake in City of Heroes and City of Villains to NCsoft in November, the game maker announced Champions Online, a spiritual successor of sorts to the canceled Marvel Universe Online. Earlier this month, Take-Two Interactive revealed that it would publish the superhero-themed MMORPG under its 2K Games label, slotting the game's release into its spring 2009 quarter.

Unfortunately, aside from the screenshots, Cryptic offered little other information on the game or its development status. A release date or platforms have yet to be revealed.

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