Crusader Kings announced

Strategy First and Paradox Entertainment unveil their upcoming strategy game.


Strategy First and Paradox Entertainment have announced Crusader Kings, their upcoming strategy game based on the Europa Universalis engine. The game will let players control the feudal kingdoms of Europe between AD 1066-1419.

"Crusader Kings adds another piece to the puzzle we started to lay with Europa Universalis," said Theodore Bergquist, CEO of Paradox Entertainment. "Now the amazing period of Templars and dynastic empire building will be explored with the same depth and detail."

Crusader Kings will simulate medieval society, complete with laws, commissions, and religious influence. Players will control Christian monarchies, principalities, and empires, and they will choose between the Knight Templars, the Knights of St. John, the Teutonic Order, the Order of Calatrava, and the Order of Santiago. The goal of the game is to acquire as much wealth and prestige as possible to build a powerful dynasty. Unlike in Europa Universalis, acquiring honor and power is more important than expanding the nation's borders.

The game will also include a feature that will let players export their Crusader Kings games into Europa Universalis II and continue playing into later centuries.

Crusader Kings is scheduled for release this fall, and the developer plans to begin a beta test for the game in July. For more information, visit the official Paradox Entertainment Web site.

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