Crunchyroll Reveals 5 Upcoming Shows During Anime Awards

Zombie Land Saga is finally getting a second season this year--and Crunchyroll has a few other original anime to look forward to as well.


In the midst of announcing the winners for the Anime Awards, Crunchyroll revealed five upcoming shows that will debut on its streaming service in 2021. It's an interesting list, with three original anime and two based on existing franchises.

One of the three original anime is what we're most looking forward to. Zombie Land Saga Revenge is the follow-up to Zombie Land Saga, one of our favorite anime of Fall 2018. Revenge is one of our most anticipated anime of 2021.

The series follows a high school girl who's struck and killed by a passing truck, only to be revived by an eccentric necromancer 10 years later in order for her to lead an idol group entirely composed of zombies. The show is hilarious, but also tackles emotional scenes with surprising care. Plus, it has a scene where two zombie girls argue by having a rap battle and, honestly, it's one of the best scenes we've seen in an anime.

We know less about the other two original anime, since they're brand-new. OddTaxi follows a solitary man who drives a taxi, while Jouran: The Princess of Snow and Blood, which is set in an alternate history Japan in 1931, is about a woman who wants revenge against those who killed her family.

Alongside these three original anime, Crunchyroll is airing two anime that are based on existing series: I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Tokyo Revengers. The former is a comedy-based fantasy about a woman reborn as an immortal witch who becomes incredibly powerful by killing weak slimes for centuries, and the latter is an action-based story about a man who learns his ex-girlfriend was killed by a gang just before he's sent back in time 12 years, deciding to join the gang in hopes of preventing her future murder.

It's all looking to be a pretty eventful year for Crunchyroll, especially with the company's new commitment to bring anime games to western markets.

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