Crunchyroll Is Streaming The KONOSUBA: Legend Of Crimson Movie Now

It's sure to be explosive fun.


If you're excited to see KONOSUBA: Legend Of Crimson and are a general fan of the KONOSUBA anime, you have something new to watch. Crunchyroll now has the latest movie for you to check out right now.

The movie is a direct sequel to the second season of the anime KONOSUBA, where an otaku named Satou Kazuma is reborn into a magical world after sacrificing himself to save the life of someone else. In this world he is offered up a special gift to make his transition to magical life easier, and he chooses to take the Goddess Aqua with him as a guide, only to soon find out she isn’t all that helpful.

The two struggle to get by in this new world. They're joined by a young wizard who can only cast explosion magic once before passing out, and a masochistic knight who can’t hit anything. The gang party up and go on various adventures together, generally ending in some kind of catastrophe for Kazuma.

KONOSUBA: Legend Of Crimson debuted late last year in theatres. Crunchyroll teamed up with Fathom Events to distribute the film in over 600 theaters around the country.

The English-dubbed version of the movie will release later on in April, for now fans will have to watch the subbed edition, available now.

Crunchyroll will also be releasing the first full season of KONOSUBA -God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World on Blu-Ray in the US on the same day. This Blu-Ray contains all ten episodes and OVAs in high definition. Both subbed and dubbed versions are available.

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