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Crossy Road Developer Is Making a New Pac-Man

In Pac-Man 256, players will have to escape the infamous glitch from the original arcade game.


Bandai Namco Studios Vancouver and Crossy Road developer Hipster Whale are working on a new Pac-Man mobile game called Pac-Man 256, the companies have announced.

The game is named after the infamous 256 glitch. When players reached that level in the original Pac-Man arcade machine, half the screen turned into a garbled mess of random characters. Hipster Whale and Bandai Namco say that in Pac-Man 256, the player will be chased by the glitch through an endless maze.

In short, the game sounds and looks like a mix between Crossy Road and Pac-Man.

"Playing PAC-MAN in a seaside arcade in 1980 is one of my earliest memories," Hipster Whale Director Matthew Hall said. "It is an incredible honor to be able to contribute to one of the most iconic video game franchises in history. Our game, PAC-MAN 256, takes the infamous ‘glitch’ level of PAC-MAN and builds upon this to become a unique game that retains the retro spirit of the original."

Crossy Road, in case you haven't played it, is an incredibly successful "endless hopper" mobile game inspired by Frogger. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's interview with Hipster Whale's Andy Sum and Matthew Hall.

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