Cross-Play Confirmed For Advance Wars-Like Wargroove, Except On PS4

Bringing new meaning to "console wars."


Wargroove looks to be an homage to classic tactics games like Advance Wars, with the added twist of an online multiplayer element. Developer Chucklefish announced that you can play against your friends cross-platform, but one console is conspicuously missing from the line-up.

In a tweet, the studio said you can play across PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, and an accompanying short video clip shows the cross-play functionality. Notably absent is PlayStation 4, which will get the game sometime after the February 1 release date on other platforms.

This is a familiar sight. Sony has counted itself out from cross-play for a long time, only recently reversing course for the mega-hit Fortnite. Even then it was only after Microsoft and Nintendo made a point of teasing Sony about it together. Still, this was posed as a beta to test the functionality, and Sony is still only planning to allow other games on a case-by-case basis. Rocket League, long requested for cross-play, just recently became the second game to use the functionality.

Given all that, it's unsurprising that Wargroove isn't included, but this could simply be a matter of the announcement focusing on the platforms releasing same-day. Though it's targeting several platforms for simultaneous release, it was given a prime spot on Nintendo's "Nindies" presentation earlier this week, where the release date of February 1 was announced.

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