Critter Crunch snaps into PSN

Regurgitation-driven puzzler from Toronto-based Capybara Games set for release on Sony's PS3 downloadable store this summer.


Critter Crunch

Leave it to a studio named after the largest living rodent to showcase the nastier aspects of nature in its games. Take, for instance, Critter Crunch, the PlayStation Network debut from Capybara Games (or Capy for short).

Nature is awful.
Nature is awful.

The studio today announced a revamped version of the company's iPhone title Critter Crunch on the official PlayStation blog. The game puts players in the fuzzy guise of Biggs, a forest creature who must use his absurdly long tongue, pelican-like oral storage solution, and puzzle skills to dispatch other denizens of the woods. Those unfortunate souls drop jewels that are then swallowed by Biggs and later regurgitated for his younglings.

The puzzle aspect of the gameplay comes from a descending field of forest critters approaching Biggs in six separate columns. Biggs crawls around on the ground below, using his tongue to move creatures from one column to another. By understanding where the critters are in the food chain and how they'll react to being overstuffed, players set up chain reactions that clear out the forest and leave plenty of goodies for Biggs to collect.

Critter Crunch will feature local and online cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. It is set for a summer release on the PlayStation Network at a price point under $10, and Capybara is planning a demo for release near the game's launch.

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