Criterion red-lights Burnout Paradise DLC

EA studio confirms it has no more plans to release add-ons for crash derby racer; bundle pricing news coming next month.


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Criterion Games set the gold standard for downloadable content following the release of its crash derby-meets-street racer Burnout Paradise in 2008. Following the game's release, the EA-owned British studio released a string of high-quality add-ons, ranging from new game modes and challenges to cars and motorcycles a day-and-night cycle. Better yet, all of the add-ons released during the year were completely free.

Nearly three years after the game's launch, Criterion has confirmed that it has finished making DLC for the game. "Please stop asking us for Burnout Paradise DLC," the developer said this week through its Twitter feed. "There will be no more! Sorry everyone! But we did WAY more than everyone else…"

The new DLC was good while it lasted.
The new DLC was good while it lasted.

The last round of DLC to arrive for Burnout Paradise came in June 2009 with the release of Big Surf Island. Described by the team as "the culmination of everything we learned creating Paradise City," the add-on pack expanded the city with a new island full of obstacles and challenges. Unlike the 2008 offerings, though, Big Surf Island, along with more than a dozen other add-ons, carried a price tag.

However, those price tags will apparently soon be following. Criterion said today through its Twitter feed that it would soon be introducing new DLC bundle pricing soon. The studio plans to offer additional details next month.

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Avatar image for avb1g

i know they are making one hopefully its as good as paradise is and as revolutionary as burnout 3 and still free roam

Avatar image for avb1g

how bout more info bunout6

Avatar image for Akantor___God

only thing thats bugging me to play this is.. NO EXPLOSIONS!! unlike Burnout : Dominator, on psp, there are booms there, but ITS STILL THE best game on e3 2008, and my favourite car game

Avatar image for mrzero1982pt2

i still want some of the cars. but i remember staying up for big surf. i am glad criterion knew how to make a game and support it and keep the carnage original and extremely fun!

Avatar image for shermanmxf

Big Surf Island for PC, please

Avatar image for Harerazer

Still the single greatest supported game in recent times. I am happy and grateful to them for what they've done. On top of the fact that EA must have been screaming bloody murder each time they released free DLC. Thank God it wasn't an Activision game, Kotick would have come to our houses personally demanding money.

Avatar image for VINNYHERMAN

It had to end sometime, (Burnout Paradise DLC) but it was heck-of-a ride while it lasted. I mean some game companies tiles could go on forever with DLC with titles like these: GTA HALO MADDEN COD come to mind quickly... What's not to love about the whole DLC concept?!.. UNLESS: DEVELOPERS PURPOSELY OMIT CONTENT; In order to make a few shekels more from us-later. (I've wonderd about aloud about the Halo developers motives, with their "map" DLC) (I hope the marketing gurus read this because I will not buy from these type of scammer/scummer developers) That was not the case with this offering, (Burnout Paradise) IMO however. Game on BEE--ATCHS

Avatar image for Lexaeus775

lol so do i that sux tho how they'r not making any more dlc.

Avatar image for InsertWittyID

Oh, my bad. Wow. I really want to play Burnout Paradise right now.

Avatar image for salsa911

No, I mean the full DLC pack mentioned up there, with everything on it. Not the Ultimate Box.

Avatar image for InsertWittyID

@salsa911 The DLC is already out. This story is about how there isn't anymore coming. It's really too bad, since Paradise is such a great game.

Avatar image for salsa911

Yes! I'll probably get the DLC pack when it comes out. I love Burnout Paradise.

Avatar image for Snootch21

I just got back into Burnout Paradise, and it seriously may be one of the best racing games I've ever played. Hopefully they're working on a new one.

Avatar image for Nihonjinjanai

Burnout Paradise 2 please!!

Avatar image for eric1996

burnout was a great game but i think im done with it. i have other games to waste my time on now.

Avatar image for thedigitals

jsje1023: I totally agree, the Crash mode was my favorite part about Burnout 3/Revenge.. I rented Paradise and gave it a shot but without Crash it just wasn't worth it for me

Avatar image for sensei_hEnRY

good, can they focus on making Black 2 now?

Avatar image for The_X_Factor_9

$19.99 for ALL of the DLC and $29.99 for the game AND DLC would be a smart idea. I already have Burnout downloaded onto my hard drive. I don't have any of the paid DLC. I would buy a $19.99 bundle to support the developers.

Avatar image for gnbfd

aww. They did good though. Big Surf Island is one of the best DLC packs I've ever bought. Hopefully this means that they're working on Burnout 6 now right?

Avatar image for SuprSaiyanRockr

Oh well, they already made heaps. I just hope they make a good sequal, and don't just give up on Burnout altogether.

Avatar image for jsje1023

why did they take away the crash junctions though......that was one of the coolest parts of the Burnout series......bring it back for the next instalment or I won't be buying.

Avatar image for Khoo1992

I'm already satisfied with the amount of DLC they gave...

Avatar image for penguins227

Haha - Criterion can't keep a promise!

Avatar image for MERGATROYDER

Well, I guess this means a new Burnout should be released sometime next year.... Right?

Avatar image for MFazio23

The support they showed for Burnout was amazing, and something that other developers should take as an example of how to handle a game after it is released.

Avatar image for welshskaterdude

dont worry sleepy chicken criterion have taken over development of the NFS series and are planning on revolutionising it, I take that statement as "expect crashes and real cars with a crazy amount of car damage a plenty!" speaking of which who remembers the rumors about burnout paradise having the ability to get your car torn in half? that would be an awesome fetaure!

Avatar image for Gen007

paradise had some major DLC support. more games need follow the example they set. Must DLC the comes out these days just isnt worth it but big surf island was huge.

Avatar image for tuna_leg

Burnout Paradise is amazing and Gamespot fails for saying 3 years when BP has been out for 2 years

Avatar image for sleepychicken

Don't see why NFS can't have just about as much damage as Burnout. GRID has licensed cars and look at what you can do to those. Developers blaming poor crash damage in their games on manufacturers is bunk after that game.

Avatar image for da1writer

@Jack: You do realize that Criterion is moving on from the Burnout Series for now to follow up on what EA wants to salvage... the Need for Speed series. Proof is in the pudding my friend, and man is it some really good pudding! << LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I'm pretty sure... Criterion is going to do a fantastic job on rebooting the N4S series or at least get it up and walking from the dead state N4S is in. @InsertwittyID: Ever since Most Wanted... you literally have been able to have some damage (not super of course) With Black and Burnout under Criterion's belt of being pretty great selling games, EA may even loosen their own belt to let them do what they want. I'm pretty sure EA would love to see their money earned back from all the awful NFS games they put out after Most Wanted*... *Fan of Most Wanted, so please don't kill me. Liked the cop chases and overall rush of the racing and challenges (reminiscent of N4S Hot Pursuit series, which I loved the Cop chases). Everything there after sucked IMO.

Avatar image for InsertWittyID

I seriously hope that they make another Burnout. I'm sure that their Need for Speed game will be great, but since NfS has licensed vehicles, I seriously doubt that they would get away with the amount of destruction that happens in the Burnout series.

Avatar image for PearlWhite135i

The game was badass though. Unlocking the sportbikes was fun then I could ride them like a maniac around paradise city.

Avatar image for Darthrocker

wow... i'm glad that they are making a new game, but i finished the pc bundle in 3 weeks (100%) had alot of fun and was excited about the dlc big surf island... but they never released it for pc... i hope they do with a new bundle or something, before they get to into creating the new game.

Avatar image for Jack_n_Coke07

"Nearly three years after the game's launch."'s been two. Good to know that a new Burnout is on its way. Hopefully Criterion will be around by the time it's finished. There's only so much Paradise you can take before you want a completely new game.

Avatar image for Drkr_Zen

That's a shame... although it was kind of a given what with no DLC since Summer, heh. Either way, Criterion made one top notch title with a nice assortment of free and premium content. Certainly one of the few developers, IMO, to be doing DLC right this generation... take note Capcom, LucasArts and Gearbox.

Avatar image for c_rakestraw

Guess that means it's time to start work on the next Burnout, assuming they aren't too busy with the next Need for Speed, that is

Avatar image for SoNin360

Sounds like a good time for a new Burnout... the DLC is good and I'm hoping they bundle or lower the price on some of these overpriced add-ons. The game itself is definitely worth the $20 plus the free content.

Avatar image for PearlWhite135i

Free? BS the legendary car pack was nearly $10. Most of the other car packs(which are add-ons) also had price tags on them.

Avatar image for BigGhost_AJT

All I want to hear about now is the next Burnout game. I was disappointed by Paradise.

Avatar image for UnknownForm

I'm just going guess that the next Burnout is closeer!:)

Avatar image for Blaze_Hrimfaxi

I hope they release a new version of Paradise in stores with all the currently available DLC.

Avatar image for CreatureRising

I need a bagel car, I mean c'mon a car in the shape of a bagel...ADD IT

Avatar image for playeroftau

Sad Panda :( Unless they are working on the next Burnout. :)

Avatar image for Prime05

No boats or airplanes??? C'mon, just a little more.

Avatar image for metalkid9

They sucked this game dry

Avatar image for skinny_man_69

Time to bring out the next Burnout :)

Avatar image for BlackForestHam

@Console_Gamer93, while it is a very good deal, i think orange box is the best deal on the market. And I got that new for 20$ a long time ago.

Avatar image for Console_Gamer93

This game is worth so much more than 20$. Probably the best deal this gen.

Avatar image for Eribuster_basic

Will that bundle mean Big Surf Island for the PC version? Here's to hoping.

Avatar image for S_Pac_316

Good, maybe I can catch up to all of that now, as I bought the game late in it's release.