Crimson Tears Hands-On Impressions

Capcom and DreamFactory team up to create a hack-and-slash action game with some role-playing tendencies.


Crimson Tears

Capcom has compiled a playable demo version of the upcoming DreamFactory-developed action game Crimson Tears. The game combines randomized dungeons with combo-driven action.

Crimson Tears lets you choose from three different characters. Amber is an android, at her deadliest when armed with twin swords and other close-range weaponry. Kadie looks innocent, but this “newly created humanoid biological weapon” is a specialist in large weapons. Tokio is the only male of the crew, and his weapons of choice are twin pistols. The game has item shops and the like, so you can purchase, repair, or upgrade your weaponry. Weapon upgrades are done by combining your weapon with other weapons.

Crimson Tears takes place in the year 2049. The trio takes on tons of enemies as they strive to explore ARMA, the corporation that created them. The outlying areas surrounding your starting position are filled with dungeons, and these dungeons are randomly generated, so you’ll move through sewers, subways, and more, each with a different layout every time.

Fighting in the game is pretty action-oriented. Between each character’s one long-range and two short-range attacks, the game gives you a decent array of combat options. The game has a third-person viewpoint, with locked cameras that are somewhat reminiscent of Capcom’s Devil May Cry games. Some enemies will require you to rely on both your firearms and your martial arts techniques to come out victorious.

Crimson Tears has a cel-shaded look to it, but the characters themselves are textured and modeled in a somewhat more realistic fashion than you’d expect from the cel-shaded game.

DreamFactory’s Crimson Tears is scheduled for a North American release this summer. We’ll have more on the game as it becomes available.

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