Crimson Sea 2 to set sail in March

Koei announces the PS2-only sequel to its Xbox adventure will dock in stores in two months.


Crimson Sea 2

Today, Koei revealed it will be releasing a sequel to its innovative sci-fi adventure, Crimson Sea. Unlike its Xbox-exclusive predecessor, Crimson Sea 2 will only be available for the PlayStation 2 when it ships on March 30.

Like the original, Crimson Sea 2 is not about seafaring. It is set in the far-off solar system of Theophilus, where the Vipa alien/human hero Sho is once again fighting an interplanetary evil. Helping him defend against the new evil is Feanay, a female Vipa with magic-like mental powers. Players will switch between the two characters during different points in the game.

Crimson Sea 2 will feature 60 missions set in a non-linear universe. Players' characters will gain experience with each completed mission, allowing them to take on tougher challenges. It will also feature three new multiplayer modes, including co-op, death match, and competition, and numerous new details, like neo-psionic powers and improved weapons. As always, GameSpot will bring you more information on Crimson Sea 2 as it becomes available.

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