Crimson Order First Impression

GameSpot takes a look at this 3D squad-based RTS game from the show floor of E3.


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In Crimson Order, a fully-3D real-time squad combat game, you'll advance through a series of missions that place your resistance fighters in conflict with the Tan'Khar and their evil human collaborators. As Mark Prophet, leader of this 26th century human resistance movement, you'll use stealth, covert action, and superior tactics to help your squad finally defeat the conquering aliens.

Crimson Order plays in real-time but Kinesoft has consciously designed the game to avoid the rushed clicking of many strategy games played in real-time. Instead of micromanaging units, you only need to select a unit and select a target. The personality and skills of the unit will determine how the attack will proceed, and the friendly AI will work to cooperate on an action, setting down covering fire for mutual safety.

Further adding to gameplay are the varied and immersive environments, where windows break and bullet holes streak the walls. You'll find yourself fighting on asteroid bases, underwater labs, and alien spaceships. The 3D environment is generally seen from a third-person perspective centered on one of your units, but multiple camera settings are designed to always ensure a clear view of the action. Nearly all the story is told with in-engine cutscenes.

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