Crimson-and-black DS shipping solo

Nintendo unbundles its two-tone handheld from Brain Age 2.


In August, Nintendo announced it would be augmenting the Nintendo DS Lite's color spectrum with a crimson-and-onyx-colored version of its massively popular handheld. However, the catch was that the latest hue to grace the DS Lite could only be had as part of a Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day bundle. The bundle--which includes the game, the crimson-and-onyx DS, and a carrying case--retails for $149.99.

Because red and black just won't do.
Because red and black just won't do.

Today, Nintendo announced that spendthrift gamers need no longer shell out the additional $20 on the bundle, because the crimson-and-onyx Nintendo DS Lite is now available as a stand-alone purchase. It will retail for the standard Nintendo DS rate of $129.99.

The crimson-and-onyx combination is the latest addition to the DS's color palette in North America. It launched initially in the US with a ceramic white finish, and both onyx and coral-pink versions of the handheld were released in September 2006.

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