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Creepy Webcam Looks Like A Real Human Eye, Even Blinks And Frowns

Eye don't like it, it's too weird.


If you've never felt that you've constantly been under surveillance, one webcam designed to look and operate like a human eye will certainly send a chill down your spine when you see it in action. Created by Marc Teyssier, the Eyecam doesn't just look like an ocular organ, it actively monitors the area around it and can blink, fall asleep, and express emotions thanks to its eyebrow.

Speaking to IGN, Teyssier said that the idea behind the Eyecam is to help people examine their relationship with technology and sensing devices, such as Amazon's Alexa assistant which have become commonplace in households over the years.

"Webcams...are in front of us, looking at us constantly," Teyssier said. "We are familiar with the human eye, and a webcam and a human eye share a purpose: they 'see,' but in contrast to the webcam, the human eye is expressive. Human eyes can express happiness, anger, boredom, or fatigue. The anthropomorphic features [of the Eyecam] are really strong and adding flesh (and eyebrows) makes the device much more expressive. I believe that if every device's working state and functions were explicit, it would better for end-users [and] privacy issues will be highlighted."

Don't expect the Eyecam to mass-produced though, as Teyssier explained that the webcam is a "speculative design" product. It is open-source and open-hardware though, so the option to create your own eerie laptop eyeball is there.

The individual components will cost around $25 to purchase, and once assembled it'll use "six servo-motors positioned optimally to reproduce the different eye muscles" to keep a watchful vigil over your daily activities. It's watching, it's always watching.

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