Creepy First Quiet Place 2 Teaser Releases Ahead Of Full Trailer

Emily Blunt stays silent.


A Quiet Place was one of the surprise hits of 2018--directed by actor John Krasinski and made on a modest budget of $20 million, it picked up rave reviews and grossed more than $340 million worldwide. Inevitably, a sequel is on the way--A Quiet Place Part II hits theaters in March, and the trailer is expected very soon. Ahead of that we have a first teaser.

Not surprisingly the teaser is short, but it definitely sets the mood for the movie. We see main character Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt) and her two kids (Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe) creeping slowly down a woodland path. As in the first film, they need to keep completely silent so as not to get picked off by a monster--and they've got a map, so they've got a destination in mind. Check it out below:

The full trailer will be released on January 1. A Quiet Place Part II also stars Cillian Murphy, who reportedly plays "a man with mysterious intentions who joins the family unit," plus Djimon Hounsou. While Krasinski isn't acting in the movie, he has directed it once more.

For now, we don't know too many details about the plot of A Quiet Place: Part II. However, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Krasinski did suggest that the movie might have a more expansive scope than the claustrophobic original. "I had this very small idea, and what it was is that this is a world you can play in," he said. "[It] isn't just a character to remake or a group of characters or a story. It's actually a world, which is a whole different, very unique experience."

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