Creepshow's Greg Nicotero Discusses Evil Dead Homage For Season 2

Director Nicotero carries on the tradition of the Necronomicon ruining a good day in the new season of Shudder's Creepshow.


Shudder's original anthology series Creepshow has its second season premiering on the streaming service on April 1--and it's already been renewed for Season 3. One thing horror fans will love about Season 2 though is that one tale is a love letter to Sam Raimi's Evil Dead.

The story titled "Public Television of the Dead" pays homage to the classic Evil Dead franchise. During AMC Networks TCA winter tour presentation, director Greg Nicotero spoke about this specific feature. "Rob Schrab wrote that episode," the director said. "I realized in retrospect that a lot of my episodes were period pieces. A lot of them take place in the '70s. I have a big affection for growing up in the '70s and reading Famous Monsters magazine and watching chiller theater.

"So, having directed "Model Kid," which is the first segment in the premiere, 'Public Television of the Dead' is really sort of my kind of big thank you to Sam Raimi because I worked on Evil Dead 2, and I worked on Army of Darkness. I had always had a massive affection for Sam, so I feel like I channeled my best Sam Raimi in that episode, and damn, I had so much fun like getting that camera whipping around and like the evil for his point of view and designing our own version of the Necronomicon. It was really a blast so much fun."

In addition to this upcoming second season in April, Shudder released a Holiday Special in December, which featured killer Santas and werewolves.

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