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Creatures Of Ava Lets You Save The World With Animals And Music

This is the gaming equivalent of The Pied Piper, only with fewer rats.


Today during the Xbox Partner Preview, Spanish game studios Inverge and Chibig--by way of publisher 11-bit Studios--revealed Creatures Of Ava, a new action-adventure game where players will use music to tame and work with the wildlife of the world. 11-bit also announced the game will be available on both PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass at launch this year.

Creatures Of Ava puts players in the role of Vic, a young adventurer who has partnered with a researcher named Tabitha to investigate the "Withering"--a plague that's infecting the world. Animals infected by the plague become hostile, and Vic must work to rid the world of the Withering and restore the natural order.

Players will travel through the vast world of Ava, where they will use a flute to soothe, heal, and work with the different types of wildlife in order to progress the story. The game focuses on non-aggressive tactics throughout the story--which has been penned by Mirror's Edge and Tomb Raider writer Rhianna Pratchett.

This new project is one of three upcoming titles from 11 Bit Studios. The developer and publisher is also working on the anticipated sequel Frostpunk 2 and sci-fi survival game The Alters, both of which are also expected to release sometime in 2024.

Creatures Of Ava is set to launch later in 2024 for Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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