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Creative Assembly's Alien game may be multigenerational

Job listing at United Kingdom developer seeks multiplayer programmer to work on Alien game for current- and future-generation consoles.


It looks like Creative Assembly's upcoming Alien title may land on both current- and future-generation consoles. A multiplayer programmer job listing at the United Kingdom developer (spotted by GamerZines) calls for a person to build a "AAA multiplatform title on current and future generation consoles set in the Alien universe."

Creative Assembly's Alien title could ship for two generations of systems.
Creative Assembly's Alien title could ship for two generations of systems.

Publisher Sega announced Creative Assembly's Alien title in May 2011, saying it will be based more on the suspense-driven Alien film rather than the fast-paced Aliens, but it will still be an "action" game. The title has yet to be shown publicly, and further details remain absent.

In June 2011, Sega Europe's managing director of development, Gary Dunn, said the team at Creative Assembly may ship its new Alien title for the Wii U.

"We're considering it," Dunn told Eurogamer at the time. "But there are no decisions on…the Creative Assembly Alien title we haven't announced any platforms for yet. As we go through production we'll need to monitor what the best platforms are to launch that game on."

Creative Assembly's Alien project marks the fifth title based on the property since Sega landed the license in December 2006. The publisher first commissioned a role-playing game set in the sci-fi universe from Obsidian Entertainment (Fallout: New Vegas) before canceling the project in mid-2009. The company also hired Gearbox Software (Borderlands) to work on the first-person shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines, which is set for release this fall. In February 2010, Sega released the Rebellion-developed Aliens vs. Predator to lukewarm reviews. Lastly, WayForward built the warmly received Aliens: Infestation for the DS, which shipped in October 2011.

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