Create your own deathmatches and races in GTA Online this week

Rockstar Games to release content creation tools as early as tomorrow via free update on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Beginning this week, GTA Online players will be able to create their own content for the online mode through the Deathmatch & Race Creators beta, Rockstar Games announced today. Users will also be able to play content others have developed using platform.

Included with the content creator are "some" of the same tools that Rockstar's own developers use, which gamers can use to create their own Deathmatches and Races. The content will be delivered via a free title update on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network as early as tomorrow, December 10.

Once created, you'll be able to publish these via the Rockstar Games Social Club for the community at large to download, play, rate, and share. At launch, players will be able to create and customize Deathmatches, Team Deathmatches, Races, GTA Races, and Rally Races.

Rockstar said it plans to "regularly" review community-created content, distinguishing the best creations as "Rockstar Verified Jobs." These will be shared out to the entire GTA Online community, the developer said. Players will need to have a Social Club account linked to their Xbox Live Gamertag or PlayStation Network ID to use the tools.

Later in December, Rockstar will release a new game mode for GTA Online called Capture. A "GTA twist" on the classic capture the flag mode, Capture sees four squads battling it out to steal items from their opponents' bases. This mode features four variations: Raid, Contend, Hold, and GTA. Full details for each of these is expected next week.

Rockstar also announced today that new Grand Theft Auto V story DLC is in development for release in 2014. This content will extend the stories of main characters Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, though no other details were specified. GTAV generated $1 billion in the three days after launch and has shipped 29 million copies to date.

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