Crazy Taxi movie in the works

Sega reteams with Mindfire Entertainment, the movie production company behind The House of the Dead.


There have been rumblings about a Crazy Taxi movie for a few months now, and today, Sega and Mindfire Entertainment made it official. Mindfire has acquired the film rights to produce a movie based on Sega's driving series. Mindfire is also the company responsible for the upcoming movie based on The House of the Dead series, which is aptly titled The House of the Dead - The Movie.

"Our relationship with Sega on The House of the Dead - The Movie has been a wonderful experience, and we are delighted to enter into this new partnership," said Dan Bates, CEO of Mindfire Entertainment. "We believe that Crazy Taxi has the potential to be a major motion picture, combining the thrills and exciting street action of The Fast and the Furious with the humor and quirkiness of Taxicab Confessions. Sega has created a wildly entertaining game concept filled with action and fun, and we hope to effectively translate this to the big screen with this upcoming feature film."

The House of the Dead - The Movie is scheduled for theatrical release in 2003.

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