Crawfish Resurrects Wings

Cinemaware's classic shooter will be updated and rereleased on the Game Boy Advance.


Crawfish has confirmed that it plans to resurrect the classic WWI flight/shooting game Wings on the Game Boy Advance. The company has partnered with the developers of the original Wings game, Cinemaware, on the project. Wings on the GBA will feature 3D dogfights, bombing runs, and strafing missions through 230 flight missions based in the WWI era. Players join the Allied forces as a rookie air force pilot and must earn commendations and promotions by completing sorties and missions. A brief diary of the player's wartime experiences will also be available in the game.

"The Cinemaware brand still evokes strong, positive feelings for a lot of people," said Cameron Sheppard, managing director of Crawfish Interactive. "The titles they created were innovative and graphically stunning, with Wings in particular being hugely popular. We're really excited to be working closely with them on this project for Game Boy Advance."

"We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with Crawfish on the Game Boy Advance version of Wings," said Lars Batista of Cinemaware. "Crawfish has demonstrated an outstanding capability to develop high-quality titles, and in the case of Wings, the technology and feel necessary to make the GBA version true to the original classic Cinemaware game."

Watch the first movie of the game by clicking on the appropriate media link below.

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