Crave announces Kabuki Warriors

Kengo: Legacy of the Blade falls by the wayside, as Kabuki Warriors is announced for the Xbox.


Crave Entertainment has announced Kabuki Warriors for the Microsoft Xbox. Set in the Japanese Tokugawa period, the game puts the player in the role of a leader of a troop of Kabuki warriors. As part of the troop, players must travel from Edo to Kyoto and face off against other Kabuki troops along the way. Throughout the course of the game, players can recruit the best members of defeated Kabuki troops in order to assemble the most potent group of samurai warriors. In terms of gameplay, Kabuki Warriors will be a traditional arcade-style fighting game. Modes of play will include adventure, time attack, tournament, and versus. Additionally, 24 characters with different weapons and abilities will be included in the game.

"Kabuki Warriors combines the easy-to-play, hard-to-master style of classic fighting games with full 3D models and beautiful special effects," said Holly Newman, executive vice president at Crave Entertainment. "The simple, addictive gameplay will combine well with the technical capabilities of Xbox, resulting in an exciting game with beautiful visuals."

Kabuki Warriors, which is being developed by Lightweight Studios, will be released this November for the Xbox. On a related note, GameSpot has learned that Lightweight has cancelled the development of Kengo: Legacy of the Blade for the Xbox and has focused its resources on Kabuki Warriors instead.

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