Crash Twinsanity goes gold

VU Games finishes grooming its latest Bandicoot adventure, which is due in stores September 28.


Crash Twinsanity, the latest installment in VU Games' long-running series, has gone gold. When the game ships for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 on September 28, it will join this year's rich crop of high-profile platformers, including Sly 2: Band of Thieves (due September 14) and Jak 3 (due November 16).

Developed by Traveller's Tales, the game once again follows Crash Bandicoot as he gets into trouble. This time around, though, the loopy marsupial joins forces with his former nemesis, Dr. Cortex, to defeat a threat to their home islands that appears in the form of a group of maniacal twins. In parts of the game, the two characters will be able to be controlled as one, with Crash using the doctor as a giant club.

Crash Twinsanity is rated "E" for Everyone and will retail for $49.99. GameSpot recently got a chance to play the title at Game Stars Live in London. Read our hands-on to learn more.

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